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Anti-Dust Mite Bedding: What if Bamboo Bedding was the Best Solution?

If you suffer from a dust mite allergy, a well-known solution is to opt for a dust mite cover for your mattress and pillows. However, there is another solution that offers far more benefits than just allergy relief: bamboo bedding. Soft as silk, amazing for your skin and hair, breathable and hypoallergenic, bamboo bed sheets are not only natural but also environmentally friendly and make for incredible anti-dust mite bedding.

Rediscover the fantastic feeling of a restful night's sleep, even with allergies. The properties of Bambaw anti-dust mite bedding will help you sleep like a baby, maybe even better.

anti dust mite bedding

How do anti-dust mite covers for mattresses and pillows work?

The purpose of dust mite mattress protectors is to create a physical barrier between dust mites and your skin. The dust mite cover does this by preventing dust mites from accessing their main food source, namely dead skin, dust, pollen and fungal spores. Without access to food, the mites eventually die.

As dust mites thrive in damp areas, they often find their home in bedding made of traditional materials such as cotton or linen, which tend to retain heat. As bamboo bedding has remarkable breathable properties, Bambaw bed sheets are a perfect alternative to anti-dust mite mattress protectors, unlike other bed sheet materials.

anti dust mite bedding

Why are bamboo sheets the perfect alternative to anti-dust mite mattress covers?

Unlike anti-dust mite mattress or pillow covers, bamboo bed sheets are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. This is because bamboo fabric is an organic material that limits the growth of bacteria thanks to the structure of its fibres. Unlike other bedding fabrics that trap moisture, bamboo sheets let it evaporate. Bamboo bedding keeps your bed at a perfect temperature, which significantly reduces the chances of dust mites surviving.

Bamboo rayon is both durable, soft and has the added benefit of protecting sensitive skin from rashes and other skin problems such as irritations and burning. At Bambaw, we place a lot of importance on the quality of the materials used in our products. In fact, our bamboo bed sheets are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified, which means that our anti-mite bedding does not contain chemicals that are harmful to your health.

The Bambaw anti-dust mite bedding collection includes different sizes of fitted sheets, pillowcases, flat sheets and duvet covers, all available in 8 different colours..

All the properties that bamboo fibre has to offer

Bamboo fibre offers many other properties besides being the best anti-dust mite bedding:

  • Known for its breathable properties, bamboo makes for a great temperature regulating bedding. It keeps your bed at an ideal temperature, whether it's freezing cold or scorching hot outside.
  • Bamboo fibre is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Not only does natural bamboo fibre minimise the occurrence of skin reactions, but bamboo fabric is also an excellent solution to help limit the development of acne and wrinkles.
  • As well as protecting your skin, this anti-dust mite bedding is also extremely comfortable. Thanks to its smooth, round fibres, bamboo fabric is a naturally soft material that adds a touch of luxury to your bedding. Best of all, bamboo bed linen is of such high quality that your sheets will retain their original softness wash after wash.
  • A good night's sleep is essential to ensure that you have the energy you need throughout the day. With your anti-dust mite bedding, you will rediscover the pleasure of sleeping on quality sheets. Order your anti-allergy fitted sheet now and enjoy all the benefits of a good night's sleep every day.
anti dust mite bedding

FAQ: we answer your questions about Bambaw anti-dust mite bedding

What are the washing instructions?

We generally recommend washing your bed sheets on a gentle 30° cycle and leaving them to dry naturally. For more information on washing instructions, see the digital user manual.

What sizes are available for the anti-allergy fitted sheet?

Several fitted sheet sizes are available: 90x190cm, 90x200cm, 140x200cm, 150x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm, 200x200cm.

What are the available colours?

We offer a wide range of colours for our anti-allergy fitted sheet: navy blue, light blue, white, ivory, burgundy, grey, dark grey and charcoal.

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