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Why are Bamboo Bed Sheets the Best Natural Alternative for Your Household Linen?

The traditional material used for sheets is cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. In their production, these raw materials are often derived from unsustainable crops and require a large amount of water and pesticides.

The bamboo bedding sheets are light, to provide you with a relaxing sleep. They are soft and smooth as silk. All these characteristics make them perfect for people with sensitive skin. Like linen, bamboo is environmentally friendly. Although both regulate body temperature, linen can be uncomfortable and irritating to some skin types due to its roughness. Furthermore, bamboo is cheaper than linen.

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Why choose Bambaw bamboo bedding sheets?

Bambaw has decided to use bamboo for its bed sheets to offer you the most natural comfort. For Bambaw, quality is an important issue. More than that, we are focused on providing the most ecological alternatives available without compromising on comfort. This is why we chose bamboo for our bed sheets. Thanks to the structure of its fibres, bamboo limits perspiration and the spread of bacteria. Additionally, our bamboo bed sheets are Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified, which means that the materials used are free of chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

Additional characteristics of bamboo fibre

Bamboo fibre has other benefits besides being ideal for sensitive skin and giving you a good night’s sleep:

  • Hypoallergenic: people with allergies or those who are prone to itching should choose these bamboo bed sheets. They reduce the risk of allergies by getting rid of moisture in your bed.
  • Breathable properties: bamboo is known for making a great temperature regulating bedding. Your bed will stay at an ideal temperature, regardless of the climate outside. It will always stay cool and comfortable no matter the season.
  • Natural comfort: thanks to its softness, bamboo fabric gives you a high quality of sleep. Plus, the bamboo bedding sheets will acquire extra softness after each wash.

Your questions about the bamboo bed sheets

How should I care for my bamboo bedding sheets?

We generally recommend washing them on a moderate 30° cycle without fabric softener. We also suggest that you dry them at a low temperature. If you want to iron them, you can do so on a medium temperature.

Can bamboo bed sheets be purchased in different sizes?

You can find the sheets in the following sizes: 90x190, 90x200, 140x200, 150x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x200 cm.

How deep are the pockets on your sheets?

The pockets are elastic and 35 cm deep.

Order your bamboo bed sheets online

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