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Double edge razor blades pack from Bambaw

The Bambaw pack of double edge razor blades contains blades made of Swedish steel, considered to be one of the purest steels available. This solid and rustproof material guarantees a refined cut for a precise and irritation-free shave. Adapted to fit your men’s or women’s razor, these spare double edge razor blades are ready to use and don’t require any sharpening beforehand. Additionally, their packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and each blade is wrapped in wax paper to allow for safe handling. There are no specific instructions on how to store the razor blades either.

The benefits of a single blade

In comparison with a multiple blade shave, the single blade offers multiple advantages:

  • Contrary to razors with 4 to 5 blades, for example, that cut hair under the skin and cause ingrown hairs, the single blade razor ensures a clean shave above the skin.
  • The single blade razor is smoother, less aggressive on the skin than a 4 to 5 blade razor. Additionally, the razor’s handling and ergonomics were carefully considered and thought out for a more pleasant shaving experience.
  • Soft and smooth skin: its double edge razor blade allows you to avoid damaging your epidermis, preventing ingrown hairs from popping up. This razor, therefore, is perfectly suited for people with sensitive skin.
Double edge razor blades pack assemble

What does the Bambaw pack of double edge razor blades consist of?

Each pack of double edge razor blades contains 100 blades. They are compartmentalised into 5 individual boxes each containing 20 blades. The 100-blade pack will accompany you for years to come: for example, if you replace your blade 1x/month, your pack will last for 10 years.

Replacing your double edge razor blades

To ensure safety when replacing your double edge razor blades, each blade is wrapped in wax paper. Furthermore, the packaging of the blades has been secured to reduce the risk of direct contact with the blades and thus reducing the risk of getting cut. We’ve made it so that replacing a blade is simple but safe, so there’s nothing specific to do to store the safety razor blades safely. Finally, the paper packaging is recyclable, allowing us to reduce pollution due to waste.

How to store your safety razor blades

There is nothing particular to note about how to store your safety razor blades, the only recommendation we give is to keep them in a dry place to make them last longer. Additionally, it is also advised to clean your razor and the blades after every use to avoid any bacteria build-up.

Ordering your pack of double edge safety razor blades

Order your pack of double edge razor blades and have them delivered directly to you. Additionally, the carbon footprint linked to the transport is compensated through the funding of projects that look to reduce the consumption of wood and coal in the world.

The whole Bambaw range: the pleasure of taking care of yourself

Rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself by adopting a traditional shaving ritual. Whether it be to shave your beard, your legs or any other part of your body, the Bambaw shaving range offers an adapted manual razor. It is also perfectly suited for sensitive skin.