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How to Use a Safety Razor: the Basics for a Close Shave

Shaving is a special moment to take care of yourself and relax. Using a Bambaw safety razor means rediscovering the pleasure of a high-quality shave that respects not only your skin but the environment too. With proper care, your safety razor is a durable alternative to disposable razors that will accompany you for years to come. In this article, we will go over how to use a safety razor in the most optimal way.

how to use a safety razor

Why choose a safety razor for your shaving ritual?

Using a safety razor is an opportunity to make your shaving ritual a special moment of relaxation. A safety razor for beginners offers you a precise and easy shave thanks to its double stainless steel blade. Designed to be easier to handle and more ergonomic than a traditional manual shaver, the safety razor for women is suitable for all areas of your body: legs, underarms, bikini. The safety razor for men is also suitable for all areas: beard, chest, underarms, facial contours. With its unique double-edged blade, our safety razor also protects you from irritation and razor burn. This makes our safety razor suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Whatever your hair type, the Bambaw safety razor respects your skin and ensures that your skin stays soft and smooth for longer.

Additionally, the Bambaw safety razor prevents ingrown hairs because the blade glides over the skin without damaging it. This means you get a close shave and smoother hair growth. On top of that, our reusable razor is also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable manual razors, which generate a large amount of plastic waste every year. Shaving with a Bambaw safety razor is the guarantee of a close and gentle shave that respects your skin and the planet.

how to use a safety razor

What is the procedure on how to use a safety razor?

Using a safety razor is simple, but it would be a mistake to use it the same way you would use a disposable razor. To make the transition as smooth as possible, here are some principles to follow:

  • Shaving should be done in the direction of the hair to avoid redness after shaving.
  • There is no need to exert pressure on your skin when shaving. The natural weight of the razor is enough for a smooth and close shave.
  • Always use a clean, sharp blade. After each shave, clean the razor head with warm water to remove hair and excess soap from the blade.
  • For an optimal shave, we recommend that you prepare your skin beforehand. Using a shaving brush, apply shaving soap to dampen your skin to exfoliate impurities from your pores.

To help you learn how to use a safety razor correctly, we have provided a user manual on our website.

How to use a safety razor? Your questions

Can I use the razor in the shower or bath?

Of course you can! Water makes your hair softer and therefore easier to cut. That's why we recommend that you use the safety razor in the shower or bath, with either hot or cold water.

Is there a foolproof way to avoid cuts?

Just follow our tips for a simple and cut-free shave. Please see our user manualfor more information.

Does the blade need to be changed between shaves?

No, we recommend changing the blade at the first sign of wear or resistance when shaving. Depending on the hardness of your hair and how often you shave, you should change the blade every few weeks or months.

Start using your safety razor today

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