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The Metal Single Blade Razor: a Must-Have for Your Bathroom

Opt for a high-quality metal single blade razor that guarantees a close shave without damaging your epidermis.

The Bambaw razor holds a stainless steel double edge blade that’s easily recyclable. Thus, this razor for men and women can be used safely on every part of the body thanks to its closed comb. Additionally, its elegant and timeless design will blend in perfectly with the rest of your bathroom.

Discover the different models and colours and choose the single blade razor of your dreams.

Why choose a single blade razor?

The perks of a Bambaw plastic free razor make it your ally of choice for your bathroom:

  • A more precise shave: a sharpened blade that guarantees a close shave ensuring a clean result.
  • Fewer irritation and less razor burn: thanks to its single blade, your skin doesn’t get damaged, reducing irritations. Thus, the Bambaw single blade razor is adapted to people with sensitive skin.
  • Ingrown hairs disappear: its single blade reduces the risk of cutting below the skin, preventing ingrown hairs from popping up.
  • Eco-friendly and economical: your Bambaw metal razor has a removable head. This means that the blades are not only replaceable but recyclable. On top of this, you are actively participating in the reduction of plastic waste linked to single-use razors all while having a long-lasting plastic free razor yourself.
Metal safety razor

Bambaw metal razor composition

The single blade razor is composed of a head and handle that are both made of brass, making it rustproof and recyclable. The blades are made of high-quality Swedish steel and coated with platinum. Additionally, its perfectly balanced weight and its long handle allow you to shave cleanly thanks to its smooth handling.

Take a look at our different razor colours and shaving accessories:


Your questions about the plastic free razor

Is it possible to use with only soap or do you need shaving foam?

It is always advised to prepare your skin the best you can before shaving. To do this, we recommend using shaving soap, shaving cream or any foam made for shaving. We also suggest using a hydrating balm or an aftershave once you’ve finished shaving.

How to shave with a single blade razor without cutting yourself?

It’s true that the razor blades can cause cuts. Therefore, it is important to learn how to shave properly with a safety razor to avoid any. We guide you through the different steps in our shaving guide here.

Can we use the single blade razor every day?

Yes, it has been adapted for everyday use. Shaving your beard, your armpits, your legs or even drawing the contours of your face, the single blade razor is suitable for all parts of the body. For more information, you can find all the operating and maintenance tips in our online manual.

Metal safety razor

Ordering your Bambaw single blade razor

Order your Bambaw plastic free razor now and enjoy a quick delivery with a reduced carbon footprint. We have calculated the total environmental impact of our supply and transport chain. This means we can compensate for the greenhouse gases produced by supporting environmental projects in Burkina Faso and Bolivia aiming to reduce the consumption of wood and coal.

Discover our full range for a perfect shave

In order to complete your shaving ritual, opt for our shaving kit that contains a shaving brush, a single blade razor and spare blades. Get back to having soft and irritation-free skin by adopting a Bambaw plastic free razor. Choose your model or shaving kit from the products of the Bambaw shaving family.