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Sustainable Corporate Gifts

customised bamboo straws

Business presents are a great way to show your appreciation and recognition of employees, business partners and customers. These have the potential of leaving a great impression. But who will be impressed by yet another plastic pen or USB-Stick?

Personalised sustainable corporate gifts, however, should be useful and last for a long time. This will increase the intended effect strongly. On one hand, it is better received. On the other hand, the customisation will be seen more frequently. A complete win for you and your company.

Long Lasting, Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Bambaw designs sustainable alternatives to wasteful items. The products are made from durable materials, mostly stainless-steel or bamboo. Sturdy materials and good craftsmanship guarantee a long life of the eco-friendly corporate gifts. To complement this, Bambaw engraves your logo permanently. Most products are laser engraved; the alternative option is embroidery. The gift and your logo are thusly seen frequently and for a long time.

Additionally, you will manifest your commitment to sustainability. These products reduce the waste generated on earth significantly. To decrease our environmental footprint, we created a CO2 neutral supply chain. Besides the transport we make sure fair conditions for everyone involved are respected.


Make a Difference with High Quality

Eco-friendly corporate gifts can make the difference in nudging a customer to stay with you or motivate employees. You have the chance to make this difference, even better if it is with a product lasting a long time. Dare to be different than your competitors. With Bambaw you have a wide array of presents to choose from.

The sustainable corporate gifts also need to be of high quality. To make sure of this, we value our relations with the suppliers and only use the best resources. After all, the gift is an investment which should not be thrown away.

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible corporate gifts are the only gifts that should exist. Otherwise, it isn’t really a gift anymore, but free trash instead. The receiver will appreciate your commitment to meet sustainability goals in all aspects of the company while creating additional value.

Create a Greener Tomorrow

Personalised Coconut Bowls

A gift is supposed to create happiness instead of being a strain on the environment. For this reason, Bambaw refuses all types of single-use plastics and has developed a CO2 neutral supply chain.

For the packaging, commonly used plastic is replaced by recyclable paper packaging. CO2 neutrality is achieved by supporting project in Malawi together with the Carbon Trust Label. It aids the local people and prevents deforestation in the African country.

Bambaw, a crucial part in creating a better tomorrow are its zero waste products. These are designed to create as little waste as possible and replace wasteful products made for single use.

Easy Ordering

Ordering sustainable corporate gifts should be as easy as possible for you. We have been improving the ordering process over the past years, to offer you the best possible service.

You only need to send us the artwork and let us know on which product you would like to have it engraved. If you wish, we send you a sample for your approval. We will take care of the rest. A convenient gift throughout the year, without any stress for you.

We would also wish to know who you are as well as when and where you need the customised sustainable corporate gifts delivered. This way, we can make sure to meet even tight deadlines. However, it always is best to let us know as early as possible to guarantee the smoothest operation.

Still, whenever you have any questions, we will be at your disposal.

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Long-Lasting and Handy gifts

All sustainable corporate gifts Bambaw are made from sturdy and sustainable materials. The 2 main resources are bamboo and stainless-steel. For some products, cotton is used to a lesser extent. Using these materials ensures the long life of all our products. After all, bamboo is the first choice for building scaffold in many Asian countries and steel was used to build the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, which stands strong for over 100 years. To help the recipients care for the socially responsible corporate gifts, we include a digital user manual. This allows them to care well for the presents, increasing their life.

Our sustainable corporate gifts will therefore stand the test of time. Next to that, they are handy for everyday use. This will keep your company in their minds whenever the recipients care to use them. The eco-friendly corporate gifts can be used every day in several occasion and even become part of the recipient’s daily routine.

Bambaw’s Social Engagement

Long-term relations with the suppliers allow Bambaw to create fair conditions for everyone involved in the production process. This includes appropriate wages for the workers on the one hand but also better working conditions: Helping the partners to purchase tools and other equipment.

Even outside of the production areas, Bambaw helps increasing the livelihoods of people while having a positive impact on the environment. Therefore, we decided to offset our emissions from the supply chain and transport by supporting a project for efficient cookstoves in Malawi. This helps the local populace to save significantly on biofuels; reducing CO2 emissions and deforestation while helping the people to save much needed money.

Bambaw’s Corporate Gift Range

With Bambaw you have plenty of different options for eco-friendly corporate gifts.

The Cutlery Set

The cutlery is made of bamboo and packed in a convenient cotton pouch, which is available in different colours. Your logo or message is stitched on the pouch. These are handy sustainable corporate gifts for everyone enjoying a picnic in the park or food on the go. The sturdy, yet lightweight design enables it to be a trusted companion wherever the recipient goes.

The Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are ideal for home and away. Your logo or message will be laser engraved on the straw itself. Whether it is for a drink at home or outside, bamboo straws add a sustainable and exotic touch to all drinks. Being made from a naturally growing product, all straws are unique. These eco-friendly corporate gifts are well received by almost everyone.

The Coconut Bowls

Usually, coconut shells are burned during the coconut oil production. But with care, some can be saved to become upcycled bowls which make a great addition in all households. All coconut shells are slightly different and so are all bowls. The recipients will be able to eat all kinds of soups, yoghurts and bowl foods out if it. Thus, it is a great gift for everyone.

The Stainless-Steel Bottle

Good hydration is important. To drink enough water, people often grab to the plastic bottle. Humans buy a million of those per minute, most of which end up on landfills or in nature. Stainless-steel bottles kill both birds with one stone: always have water nearby without relying on plastic. They are handy sustainable corporate gifts for outside, home and the office.

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Personalised bamboo straws

Think About the Recipients

To get the most out of the sustainable corporate gifts, it is important to understand the recipients and know what they will be delighted about the most. Generic throwaway gifts hardly achieve this, but even presents from Bambaw must be well chosen.

The better you know your clients or employees, the easier it is for you to choose the perfect gift. If you are unsure about it, you can start conversations with them about their hobbies or preferences.

You can also include a thank you note to add a more personal touch towards the present. This creates a long-lasting good impression, together with a socially responsible corporate gift.

Make the most of the presents by showing your appreciation in a suitable manner with Bambaw and improve your valuable long-term relationships.